Case Study:  High-Profile Landmark Building

Landmark Buildings


The owner of a well known landmark building had decided to improve its security and crisis management capabilities which were viewed by many as being quite antiquated. The building was considered a top target for terrorists and its newly appointed Security Director had quickly determined that an enhanced security program was needed. Bellwether was engaged to review the  program, cost it out and document the case for transformation.  


Bellwether reviewed existing documentation and worked with new Security Director on the concept for change. The new security organization was proposed along the lines of well-proven model familiar to the director. Bellwether identified the changes implied to adopt this model and identified the key assumptions necessary to undertake a thorough cost comparison. Probable ranges were developed for all key assumptions and integrated into a cost model that Bellwether developed on a best-case/worst-case basis. Each core initiative was documented separately and the core findings and recommendations laid out in a short executive presentation.

Analysis & Results

The analysis validated that all the major initiatives proposed were appropriate. Improved efficiency would be achieved through formal performance-based contracting of outside service providers. Elimination of role overlap through the organizational redesign would reduce operational inefficiencies. The overall efficiency of the security function would be improved through the reduction of direct reports to the senior director as well as the addition of new subject matter expertise and supervision of all security personnel.

Benefits to Client

Bellwether enabled the rapid development of a comprehensive cost analysis for the proposed strategic transformation program in a very busy security environment. We brought credible outside expertise to the decision-making table while helping to identify core priorities and direct focus on critical issues. Thoroughly quantified cost-modeling supported the evaluation process and enabled the decision-makers to choose appropriate strategic elements based upon reliable data and clearly identified assumptions. The transformation program was adopted and considerably strengthened this landmark building’s overall security.